Maintenance Consultancy

Powne Marine is able to offer a range of consulting services focused on maximising maintenance efficiency. We can devise/review maintenance schedules and routines for both land and sea based systems and equipment.

What We Do

System and Equipment Maintenance is essential in ensuring that you get the best value for money out of the equipment and also reduce the likelihood of costly equipment failure. Understanding what maintenance management system gives you the best balance of reliability against cost can often be hard to work out. We can help advice what maintenance management strategy gives you the best balance of cost against reliability whilst keeping safety the priority. We can devise Maintenance Schedules for your systems and equipment taking into account Manufacturer's Recommendations.

The following steps offer a guide to our processes.

  • Initial Contract

    Initial contact and discussion to understand Client's requirement.

  • Understand Current Practises

    Understanding the Processes, Equipment and the Operating Profile and Constraints.

  • Analysis

    Devise/Develop Maintenance Management Strategy and Schedules to meet the clients requirement. Present the draft solution.

  • Deliver

    Deliver and Implement the Maintenance solution and advise on methods to measure performance.